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    VALOORES delivers 3 projects
    to the Central Bank of Lebanon
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    VALOORES introduces to Banque Libano Francaise
    a real time actual performance roll up frameset to
    drive profitability & sales in a proven
    Customer-Centric / ROI-aware mindset,
    to streamline the Marketing's & Communications' strategy,
    by planning, execution, and analysis and finally to monitor &
    route Forecast-Based Analytics to Decision Making.
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    VALOORES Delivers in’Financial Crime,
    Anti Money Laundering & Fraud Monitoring Solution
    to AL-MAWARID Bank Group.
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    FRANSABANK Group Goes Live with
    VALOORES' Financial Regulatory Reporting solution,
    alongside the Executive Business Intelligence,
    with a road map of a wide spectrum of solutions.
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    VALOORES signs in’Financial Crime,
    Anti Money Laundering & Fraud Monitoring Solution,
    with Bank Of Beirut Group. Another Milestone after
    VALOORES’ iconic success story with its subsidiary
    BoB Finance, the Western Union Agent.
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    VALOORES signs The Financial Crime
    Anti Money Laundering & Regulatory Compliance Reporting
    with Lebanon & Gulf Bank. … with a Road Map
    of the fully-fledged VALOORES solutions.
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    VALOORES Group
    Over more than 30 years of
    multinational and multicultural
    successful implementations
    of scalable solutions!


VALOORES is one of the global leading providers of Enterprise Management & Decision Making solutions. Established in 1989, VALOORES operates in ten countries. We are a world class company providing products and services to global Mega Tier 1 enterprises. Our resource pool is spread over North America (USA & Canada), Europe (Eastern and Western), North Africa, and the Middle East. We have the capacity, experience, and knowledge to deliver your requirements, and have a proven ability to align our internal resources to provide full operation capabilities to the project; on time, on target, and on budget. Our team is focused around instituting a progressive financial and non-financial ecosystem, sustainable and scalable, to effectively lay out a blueprint to address multi-directional financials.

VALOORES Group Lines of Business
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Anti-Money Laundering: VALOORES in'AML
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VALOORES Framework

VALOORES Framework empowers you to accelerate the transformation of planning and forecasting, integrates performance reporting, enables a culture of value driven actionable insights, and delivers global compliance services. VALOORES Framework to manage your business from strategy to results!

"There is no Gain without Pain based on a Solid Foundation."

To view VALOORES framework interactive demo click on the button below. We've made it available for you to see in depth the workflow and the life cycle of this framework in this interactive animation.

Interactive Demo

valoores framework
valoores framework

Our Technology

Companies are looking to be ever competitive and stay well ahead of the competition. VALOORES has mastered this by staying on top of the latest technology trends, and has been using these to deliver Intelligent Business Solutions. In the late 1990's, VALOORES was the first software provider to implement full light-web solutions for the retail industry. Today, with the seventh version of VALOORES Suite, namely i3v7, VALOORES is maintaining its position ahead of the market, by providing portlet-based architecture, which is fully developed using HTML5 for compatibility and designed for mobility (access via Smart Phones, PDA's, Tablet PC's, …). Introducing industry best practices to the architecture and infrastructure of our solutions demonstrates our conscious efforts to ensure our products and services are compliant with our client's IT policy ... Read More

  VALOORES Group Events
We brought together a group of industry specialists to demystify IFRS 9 requirements


IFRS 9 Past Event

With the presence of more than 60 Commercial Banks and 40 Financial Institutions, BDL is hosting the IFRS 9 Summit in collaboration with VALOORES (Enterprise Risk & Performance Management solution provider), Deloitte (Corporate Advisor), and Harvard Club of Lebanon (Legal Counsels) who will share their practical Risk and Compliance experiences, insights and guidance on key implementation and Integration challenges, through the IFRS 9 Impairment, Classification and Hedge Accounting transformation process.

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IFRS 9 Post Event

The IFRS9 Summit, which took place on the 5th of December 2016 at the Institute for Finance and Governance at ESA in Beirut, welcomed more than 400 attendees from over 100 Banks and Financial Institutions. This event was hosted by the Central Bank of Lebanon in collaboration with 3 International Institutions: VALOORES, Deloitte and Harvard Club of Lebanon, who shared their practical risk and compliance expertise, insights and guidance on key implementation and integration challenges. The IFRS 9 Impairment, Classification and Hedge Accounting transformation process was presented from three perspectives.

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Our People
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